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"There's only two kinds of people in Gotham..."

"...the dying and the dead." -Two-Face

Y'know, I still haven't cried. I don't get that. I'm the kind of person who cried during Tarzan, but I can't cry when my Auntie M is kicking the bucket and, come to find out, my Auntie E is going to be right behind her.

Same problem, sorta. Her cancer is in the stomach, or intestines, and she's about twenty years older. Both will leave behind young grandchildren, and both are expected to die within the week.

Both are great women. One a teacher, one a homemaker. Both are Asian, but were born in Hawaii. M is chinese, and E is japanese. Neither of them are related to me with blood.

Auntie E was my mentor during Confirmation. It was fun. It was more to please her and Al (the pastor) that I got confirmed in a church that I didn't believe the doctrine of. (After I was confirmed, funny enough, we got a new Pastor and I dropped the church like a hot coal. I haven't seen Auntie E much since, and this was back in '98.)

I feel sorry for their grandchildren. They'll never truly know their grandmothers as I know mine. At 16, I still have all four grandparents - all I'm missing is an Uncle who died...mysteriously when I wasn't even one, so it doesn't really effect me much.

Auntie E and Auntie M will meet in heaven and dance the polka, I hope.

But the tango's nice too.
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