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If you need me, I shall be completely unavailable.

If you need to contact me, leave a note below, and I will get back to you in April. I apologize for the delay, but from March 24th 'til April 4th I shall be in London, having fun playing tourist.

In no particular order, I shall be visiting/seeing:
- Harrod's (Hey, I like me my shopping!)
- Jack the Ripper tour
- Phantom of the Opera
- Stonehenge
- Billy Elliot
- Canterbury
- Westminster Abbey
- Camden Market
- Seville Row
- Tower of London
- British Museum
- Picadilly Circus
- Windsor Castle
- The Witches
- A Life in the Theatre
- Bath
- Old Spitalfields Market

Expect a deluge of entries and photographs upon my return!

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