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We did a floorset at Bath & Body Works last night and as Marie has decided that she likes me and that I shall be her favored visual kid, I was amongst the last to leave. I don't mind that; I like the job.

This morning, I'm supposed to start training at a coffee shop job. Man, I'm tired. This isn't a job I want, either. I only applied to my mother off my back - she kept complaining that I wasn't working enough. I didn't expect to get it!
Frankly, I think it's a bit sucky. It's only minimum wage for barista work. If I really wanted to be a barista, I'd go to Starbucks, where they pay for your training (this lady doesn't) AND pay $9 an hour, starting wage! If the owner of the business didn't live only a few houses down the road and wasn't the mother of someone I used to play with as a kid, I'd quit now.
Well, at least I only have to be there a few hours today before skipping off to Bath & Body Works at two to begin our SKU maximization project. Whee!

But what do you think? Should I quit this coffee job?

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