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Believe you me!

So we decided to screw the coffee shop. Tomorrow I will stop by in the morning and tell the owner that since Bath & Body Works is giving me more hours for more money, I will not have the time for this job that I thought I would. (I will leave out the part about I only applied to please my mother anyway.) If in the future I do decide that I need another job, Starbucks is looking pretty fine - but realistically, I think I would be more likely to apply at Victoria's Secret or Express. It's within Limited Brands so it should be easy to get a job there, and the pay is so much better! Besides, once Taitai opens up that new Muffin Break at Valley Fair I'm practically guarenteed a job there, so it's all good, baby.

The next day in London is up but it's a pretty dull one, because it is photo-less and I was too zombied-out to remember much about that day.

This relationship with Seanie is weird. It's totally on fast-forward mode or something; everything moves at a much quicker pace than my previous romantic liasons. Yesterday we booked our flights and hotel reservations for Las Vegas; if you need me between June 3rd and June 6th that's where I'll be, baby. We also got tickets for Blue Man Group and We Will Rock You; too bad Avenue Q won't be there until September or else we'd be seeing that too. Ah, credit cards. I really oughtn't be allowed to have one, because all I ever do is spend, spend, and spend.
At any rate, I think we may be spending too much time together. He's not hung out with the guys for a while and I probably haven't been giving the girls the proper amount of attention. Last week we went on an Owen Wilson binge (Seanie is totally gay for him!) and watched Shanhai Noon, Zoolander, and Starsky & Hutch. Last night we watched Pirates of the Carribean, which as you know is always a fabulous movie. However, we're always falling asleep in the middle or right after the movies, which is a bad idea, because Seanie doesn't live very close anymore and it isn't good for him to be groggy on the ride home. So while I do have fun seeing him four or five nights out of the week, it probably isn't the brightest idea in the world.
I dunno. I'll figure that out later.

Final thought: BookCrossing is really, really neat.
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