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It has been said that at any given moment, sixty percent of Japanese are involved in writing a novel

Today I played a good little domestic and cleaned off my computer desk. You must understand, there were a good two-three years worth of papers, books, CDs, candy wrappers, dust and Lord knows what else heaped upon the poor fiberboard surface. Tomorrow I will probably tackle the lovely heap that has now collected beneath my computer desk.

Earlier this morning I put in a couple of hours at Bath & Body Works. We had to replenish the store because we didn't finish last night (Saturday was quite busy) and then I got some Loss Prevention training out of the way. Did you know that 45% of theft is internal, meaning it was stolen by associates? The horror! Actually, that is a pretty frightening number. I really can't imagine anyone at our store stealing. If the training video is any indication, however, I am totally a perfect candidate for internal theft. I often take my purse into the back room (I kick back on a pile of boxes during my lunch break and read, or talk on the phone) and that's a no-no, you know.

I read The Strangeness of Beauty today. As I suspected, it really is Joy Luck Club for Japanese girls. Heh. I do like the flowing, drifting nature of the words. The plot jumps back and forth in time, which I like. (Apparently this is a common characteristic of Japanese I-Stories.) Anyway, I haven't changed its status yet, but it's available on my bookshelf.

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