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Decisions, decisions.

Four days 'til Seanie's birthday. Should I get him the back facial I've been threatening promising for months? Or should I break down and get him something he'd actually like? (I mean, why oh why would I do something silly like that?)

Popo came down to visit for Mother's Day and gave me the car money today. Hmmm. Guess I'd best start considering cars now. While I sat at home slurping yogurt the rest of the family headed off to Buca di Beppo's for dinner. Man, I cannot wait until I am over this stupid infection. I want to eat solid foods like you would not believe. Damn I AM STARVING.


I have managed to acquire a lovely heap of books which should keep me amused for the next few days. I also have managed to promise enough artist trading cards to the world that I really have no excuse to be bored.
Also, there are things that I really must get off my butt and submit to the whims of eBay. Whee.
Off to the upstairs to immerse myself into a book.

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