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BBW & Grandpa too!

Feet burning. Face sticky with sweat. Clothes absolutely filthy. Hair's a freaky mess.
Oh yes, today was a good productive day at work. I did nothing but work stock and ocassionally talk to customers, and that's what I like best. I don't mind answering customer questions or even working the sales floor; it's the approaching and begging for attention that I despise. But today all I had to do was slash boxes, fill the floor and clean up the stock room - all of that I LOVE. No-one knows WHY I am so fond of this grungy work, but I am. It is also rather gratifying to see the newbies that we've just hired for Mother's Day through June Sale and know that I can kick all their butts, and they know it. (For some odd reason, booty works, but butty/buttie just doesn't cut it.)

This an email Grandpa sent out on May 1st. I like his emails; the generation gap makes Grandpa's viewpoints very different from my own, and the things that he thinks about are always so interesting to me because I don't ever think about them. Like, this is mostly about plants. I rarely think of plants outside of the "Oh, I must eat my salad today" sense.
It must have been a good week as it went by so fast. All Dorothy's spring efforts should be showing up by now. My spring intuition tells me it is getting late to plant cotton, though corn will do quite well. Watermelons should be up and growing. Hay (oats, vetch, etc) will be ready to harvest in a week or two, and all the new row crops must be harrowed and hoed. Life will go on if you do nothing, but you will not eat nearly as well nor have much money to spend.
Next Sunday is Mother's Day and Brenda and Dorothy are the two surviving mothers. I hope everybody remembers you with a rose, at least.
With love to all, Grampa.

He later sent out a second email apologizing for forgetting Marie, my Popo. I bet he really misses Grandma this weekend; I'll have to send him an email in a bit.

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