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...and counting.

I have been cleaning my wardrobe out and I would say that I am about halfway through. I've done most of the tops and all the underthings save the brassieres; all the skirts and pants and dresses remain.

In the process, I have discovered a few things.
For one, it is best to clean items out at the end of the season. For example, now is the ideal time to clean out sweaters, jackets/coats, and long-sleeved tops. I merely ask myself a few strategic questions:
a. Did I wear this in the past six months, during optimum weather conditions?
b. Is this really stylish or am I merely wearing it because I have it?
c. If I took it out of my closet, would I miss it next winter?
d. Do I really want to still have this in one year?
e. Does this even look good on me?

I really like my tops tight and fitted, so many things that were baggy or loose are going BAI BAI right now. To put this into numbers:
I have tossed out over one hundred individual garments, ranging from underwear with a hole in it to t-shirts and sweaters, and you cannot tell from looking in my drawers or closet that there are less clothes. Remember, I am only halfway through, and that is being generous.
I AM AMAZINGLY OVERSTOCKED. But it is getting better.
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