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Trying to re-coup some of that $900...

So I stuck several auctions up on eBay today. Most of the products are either Yodelingfish (love the soap, but I have too much of certain fragrances so I might as well share the love!) or LUSH. Tomorrow or Sunday I will be putting up BPAL; I think I shall stagger putting auctions up over the next several days rather than spend another afternoon in front of the computer like I did today.

So the surgery will not be fully covered by my insurance, so I need to come up with an additional $943.00, which is positively unpleasant. It did finally get me motivated for eBay, though, which I have talked of for months but never gotten 'round to doing much with it. But bother. $900. I wish I could just have that sitting around!
On the plus side, I've got a paycheck waiting at Bath & Body Works. I fancy that in two or three more months I might get the money from working at Bath & Body Works. The biggest challenge is paring down my spending - I suppose I ought to seriously start thinking of a budget. I have been taking cash out of the ATM as a way to control spending; once the cash is gone I can't buy anything else. But I forget to use the cash and swipe my card at the store without even thinking about it! And let's not even get started on the evils of Paypal, which conveniently lets me forget all about saving money.

My entire jaw is swollen and it looks like I am trying to puff my cheeks out in imitation of a squirrel. I can'ts tand the rounded face, and so puffy! Seanie claims it isn't noticeable, but how can it not be? My face looks so fat compared to usual, because my cheekbones have vanished. It is so disturbing I may begin sleeping with icepacks on my face - that'll be a challenge.
I did, however, manage to graduate to solid food today. I was so proud of myself when I managed to consume a roll this morning! Of course, I was back into pudding and applesauce a few hours later, but tomorrow I may be brave enough to attempt scrambled eggs. Oooooo, aren't we growing up now?
( jest, someone suggested eating baby food. It is a testament to how hungry I am that this is starting to sound like a decent suggestion...)

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