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You know what is truly gross? GREEN STITCHES ON YOUR GUMS.

So the roof of my mouth, where the hole is, feels really weird. It feels like uncooked chicken skin. This is not a texture one desires to feel virtually non-stop. It's so weird and so gross. I don't imagine I shall ever french-kiss anyone again - at least not more than once. Alas.
I also did not successfully graduate to eggs, at least not yet. I suppose that, as it is only seven, I may still do so - I did eat two rolls a few minutes ago and some of Seanie's fries earlier. However, at Taitai's urging I am considering the baby food more than ever. There is something in the extreme ease of just swallowing your food down in two minutes that makes prepackaged delights that require no chewing especially desireable right now.
I also feel like baking. Odd.

Seanie came by earlier today with Josh and took me to downtown Campbell to check out the Boogie & Bayou Festival, which was like any other arts & crafts festival I've been to. Stall after stall of handmade goods, and greasy food and beer aplenty. If I had been in a shopping mood, or been with some of the girls, I think it would've been more fun, but it is awkward to make boys stop and look at skirts and jewelry. There was also a used book store that I wanted to poke my head in, but thanks to BookCrossing I have enough books to last me the month and currently do not need new ones.
We also dropped by Oakridge Mall so I could get my schedule for next week and pick up my paycheck. I am not scheduled any hours next week, but have three call-in shifts. Perhaps I was a fool to turn away that coffee shop job. Perhaps I do not care because June Sale starts in two weeks and I will probably be working full-time, because I kick that much booty.
(Manager Marie loves me. Hallelujah. After the previous floorset, she said I was her right hand. Cool. I always wanted to be someone's disembodied fingers.)
Oakridge is also where I ate Seanie's fries, and learned that Orange Julius no longer gives mall employee discounts. For shame - I shall now have to take my business all the way to the food court rather than walking about fifteen feet to OJ, because I must have my 10% discount.

Man, I really cannot wait to be out of debt again. But I just incurred that nine hundred dollars in medical bills, and I need to buy a car soon - so I expect I will be sinking deeper into debt, not clawing my way out.


At the end of the day, the top five auctions are:
1. Gingerbread Poppet 5ml
2. Icon Perfume
3. Sugar Cookie 5ml
4. Wildfire 5ml
5. Samhain ml

It will be interesting to watch how these proceed. ;)

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