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Pobre Muchacha

I did have something I wanted to write about...I always have something to say...just give me a moment to orient my thought train...
I have a D- in Chemistry and a F in History and who the heck knows what in my other classes! Ha ha ha! I'm screwing my future up because I'm lazy! Nya nya ha ha ha. Sadly, if I'd tried hard in 7th grade I coulda been filing my application to Harvard or Yale or Georgetown today. Sniffle. Instead, I'm off to DeAnza for two years and then a transfer to UC San Diego.
The Monkees are on tour, I'm hearing. They aren't coming anywhere near here, though. It's a shame. I'd pay more money to see them than the Backstreet Boys and matchbox twenty combined. Daydream Believer and all that.
I am not speaking to Davy right now. He is a racist turd.
I'm lying. He's normal - I just haven't bothered to talk to him in about...three weeks. Wonder if he's gotten an application for summer sessions at JC yet...
You should go buy Tal Bachman's CD because he is a wonderful, sincere and talented artist. Not to mention that I really like that If You Sleep song.
My school stinks. My teachers have finally gotten off Work To Rule, and the district is retaliating with cutting off several classes. They can lick my butt, the slimy hags.
Kiss my butt, you slimy hag. It's my new phrase. I don't use it very often, though, because it's very rude. And I'm only rude to Zaki and Spaay and Peabody on purpose.
Thou shalt not try to spake lyke this.
Don't abbrev.
Random neural firings are good for you. This really helped. Maybe next time I'll give ya'll a dream to pick at.
Tags: bored, depressed

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