Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Me.

Yesterday was grand. Kero and I went to check out an auction (I will try to post photos tomorrow) and just for attending, I got a free double-strand of pearls. (Neat!) It's the first time I've ever gone to a live auction before, but I would like to again - they are neat. The auctioneer just kept going and going - he had to sell something every 30 seconds - and not only did he manage to keep his breath, he never stopped for even a glass of water. Amazing! Somserset Auctions also provides free lunches, so I got free pearls AND free food! I didn't know which to be happier about.

After watching at least one hundred items hit the auctioning block, ranging from bedroom and dining suites to vases and paintings to bronze fountains, Kero and I headed home and watched Phantom of the Opera. Then she went home, and a few hours later Kitty came over and we whizzed off to see the traveling tour of CATS.

I still haven't decided if I like CATS or not. Save for the famous "Memory" song, the music isn't so great. The dancing's quite hypnotic tho'. I can't shake the feeling that I'd appreciate CATS a lot more if I'd actually had one as a pet at some point during my life. But at least Handpuppet Theatre helped me understand the {lack of} a plot!
Afterwards we went to Denny's so I could have birthday cheesecake. I mean dessert. Hmmm...perhaps my brain should stop twisting the words into something perverted. No other restaurant was open, so we went to Denny's. The end.

Photo taken earlier today at Popo's house. Mommy, me, Popo. I was sleeping on the couch up until about one minute before the photo, so my hair is AWFUL and I know it. Also, I desperately need to trim my bangs.

May 22nd! Birthday Happy 21st Birthday to me!!!
(Hey, at least I'm not ordering pizzas and asking to have 'Happy Birthday' written with pepperonis. I'm not that pathetic. Yet.)

Thank you Mommy, Kero, Daddy and the AVUCC, which I haven't been to in ages and ought to make an appearance at, for the lovely birthday cards.
Thank you Mommy for the $121 to be spent in Las Vegas. Thank you also for the alcohol - I knew you'd provide!
Thank you Kero for the Killers CD. From the shape of the gift I knew it must be a CD, and I was 50% sure it was the Killers and 50% sure it was Rob Thomas. Glad to see it was the Killers. ^_^
Thank you Kitty for CATS tickets.
Thank you Bandaid, Seanie, and Sailor for calling and wishing me a Happy Birthday. Technically, Seanie did not call me; I called him. But I suppose the thought still counts, since I am almost sure he would've gotten around to it eventually.
Thank you Auntie Tanya and Grandpa for the lovely emails, which I need to reply to.
Thank you Popo for the birthday dinner, which I greatly enjoyed when we visited San Francisco today. I must write her a thank-you card tomorrow, since she doesn't read my diary.

I think I've covered all my bases.

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