Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Well, I'm a big fat liar.

If my mouth has not stopped bleeding in one and one half hour, I will officially have had red liquid dripping out of the roof of my mouth for twelve hours. Dammit! I was doing so well, too - I haven't bled since Thursday or Friday.
*sigh* I will call Dr. Suzuki when it hits 12 hours.
Waiting for the stupid thing to stop bleeding is driving batshit crazy. Oddly enough, I don't feel lightheaded like I did last time it bled in the middle of the night. So I guess I haven't lost as much blood as I did then? I'm not sure. It's all very odd.

It's all very frustrating because I was supposed to work this morning and obviously I didn't show up, so Julee's mad at me, as I deserve. But still. The SUCK.

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