Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


Now that I can't buy anything, everyone's having sales and busting out with the brand-new things I want.

Heather, you are the worst! Between Suimitsu, Painted Lady, Chinatown, Steamy Windows and the Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat scents you introduced today, you are KILLING ME. I'm running low on good bath bombs, too - I sold most of the ones I had on eBay. And let's NOT EVEN get started on the bath melts, because I will only be sulky for I used up my last bath melt two weeks ago.

LUSH is having their fifty-millionth Discontinueds Remake, and again the bath stuff are killing me. Enchanted Island? Monets Garden? Pleasure Dough? Not to mention the Brandy Butters they still have from the last remake. THANK GOODNESS ordering these things requires a phone call to the UK; sheer laziness will keep me from spending any money on that.

Sephora sent me an email today to remind me that I'm still interested in the Smashbox Artificial Lighting Luminizing Lotion. Those bastards. Thankfully they did not mention Cargo's Egypt Eye Shadow Palette, because I am more than capable of sulking over that on my own.
Actually, I have some mascara I need to return to Sephora. I might be able to make the Egypt compact mine after all.

MMU was also tempting me with their new French Connection edt, but luckily I have enough perfume for several lifetimes so it is also easily avoided.

And that is JUST in the bath & body categories. We will not discuss clothing! Hush! We must not discuss it! Especially not Anthropologie and their sale!

I'm going to go crawl into a hole where temptation will not reach me.
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