Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yesterday evening Seanie simply insisted we go shopping.
Yes, you read that correctly. He insisted. I was tired and felt rather grubby and didn't want to go, but he was so eager and rarin' to go that I felt bad for saying no, so off we went.

First we went to Santana Row, and hit up Urban Outfitters. (I am cheerfully skipping the bad mood and don't care to discuss the utter crankiness that was oozing out of my every pore for a good quarter hour.) Seanie found three suitable pairs of jeans, a pair of BDG and two others that I don't recall, and I got him to admit that there is a (very nice!) difference between $50 specialty jeans and $20 Target Wrangler jeans. I don't think I'll get him into Diesels or True Religions anytime soon, but I don't even spring for those.
Going to Urban Outfitters reminded me of just how much I hate the layout of those stores. They have a very sloppy 'swap meet' arrangement in the store, and I can't stand that. Give me lightbox displays and orderly shelves any day.

Since we were in the area, we crossed the street and went to Valley Fair, where I exchanged some cosmetics I didn't like at Sephora for that spiff Orgasm/Bronzer duo. Just tried the colors out now and I love them. Whee. At Express Men's we found a great summer dress shirt for Seanie, so now he can be well-dressed and stylish if he wants. Yay.
Shopping wasn't so bad after all, even though I had a stomachache from eating greasy pizza too fast or something.

Tomorrow morning Seanie and I fly to Vegas! Wheee!
...and I still haven't got the photos from my last trip posted. ;_;

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