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No art today.

I can't get my scanner to work.
So much for showing off the sketches from my sample fall line.
A little bit Westwood, a little bit Johnson, and Mimi Marquez with her handcuffs.


Last night Seanie and I saw Madagascar. It's nothing special, but it had its funny bits. David Schwimmer's voice made an excellent Ross the Giraffe - I don't remember the actual character's name - and the animation continues Dreamwork's steady improvement. Mort the Mouse Lemur was great...I have decided, that were I born a small and fuzzy animal I would be him. Personality-wise, we are exactly alike.

Unfortunately, I can't find a screencap of Mort - just one of his toys. Oh well.

After the movie, we went out driving in the residential areas near my house and decided we wanted to go check out the park at night. Since so much of the area has 'no parking at any time' signs, we parked right behind the first car we saw, figuring that if they'd parked there it must be OK. The car immediately starts up and drives away - and the windows are all fogged up. Oops! I guess we interrupted something there!

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