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So apparently the chapter titles for the Half-Blood Prince have been leaked. These are taken from

30 Chapters

1-The Other Minister
2-Spinner's End
3-Will and Won't
4-Horace Slughorn
5-An Excess of Phlegm
6-Draco's Detour
7-The Slug Club
8-Snape Victorious
9-Half-Blood Prince
10-The House of Gaunt
11-Hermione's Helping Hand
12-Silver and Opals
13-The Secret Riddle
14-Felix Felicis
15-The Unbreakable Vow
16-A Very Frosty Christmas
17-A Sluggism Memory
18-Birthday Surprizes
19-Elf Tails
20-Lord Voldemort's Request
21-The Unknowable Room
22-After the Burial
25-The Seer Overheard
26-The Cave
27-The Lightning-Struck Tower
28-Flight of the Prince
29-The Pheonix Lament
30-The White Tomb

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