Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Theme #15 (at TOD)

"Have you ever gone away for Spring Break? If so, was it a good experience? If not, do you plan on ever doing it?"

Do you mean with my friends, or just away? I hate these idiot themes, I don't know why I answer them. Prob'ley 'cuz I have nothing else to say.

Anyway, away. When I was younger, my family would go down to the Mojave Desert for a week of camping and hiking and freezing at night in the back of the van. My mom refuses to buy a big RV, so we always have had vans that have back seats that collapse into beds. So we'd sleep in there and freeze because it's COLD in the desert in April! We must've done this for three or four years in a row.

We also would go to Yosemite. All the years we weren't in the desert, that's where we were, with all the other tourists from all around the world. It stank. You couldn't do anything because it was so crowded. And all those peoples' cars! - it ruined the place. I can remember going back at different times of the year, and it was always so much nicer. I love Yosemite.

In eighth grade, I went to Washington DC and New York City with my class. I loved that. NYC is the best. I wish I could go back and live there for a while. Maybe I will, someday.

In the past few years, we haven't gone anywhere. Nowhere to go.
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