November 27th, 2000


Black and White Winter

Today we began to set up for the Winter Dance. A lift was brought in so that we could cover these horrible large windows in the cafeteria. These dirty glass windows take the place of walls, and they ruin any winter effect we try to have. So we had to take huge sheets of black paper and paste it over the windows. It looks tacky, but better than leaving the windows alone.

While the Dance Commission worried about the spacing and the size, I talked. First I spoke to the Freshman President. He's rather nice, for a Freshman. Then I talked to the Vice President for that class. It was really general stuff, like "What did you do over the holiday?" and "My goodness, can you paint a sign straight to save your soul?"

My friend Hillary wasn't there, which was disappointing. Usually, I can rely on her for advice and gossip. Instead, I helped paint posters. "Dress in Your Pajamas - Relax B4 the Dance!" I wrote in purple, pink, and silver. After it was sprayed over in white paint it actually looked really nice. We hung it by the gym.

Then we decided we needed one more poster, one that would be different. So we took a piece of the black paper used to cover the windows and sprayed on it with the white can of paint. It looked horrible yet wonderful. The thin white letters, dripping the white paint so that it looked like icicles. If the paint had been red, it would've been blood. That's how it looked. Beautiful and terrible.

Barry laughed and commented, "We'll reach out to the gothics!"

But it really isn't so funny. The black poster, the black sheep, was left upon the grass to dry. I watched it and the other posters, making sure the wind didn't take them for a ride. It was lovely, that black poster. It was contrasts. Black and white. Wintery death. In its uniqueness I was lost.

Ginny and I took the poster and hung it by the locker rooms. A girl came out and said, "Gee, that's creepy. Are we having a late Halloween?"

"Should we take it down?" Ginny asked. "It really doesn't fit the theme 'Happily Ever After.'"

"No," I said, "In his own way Barry is right. It will reach out to other people."

When I walked by the locker rooms after lunch, the poster had been ripped down and stomped on.

Not everything ends happily ever after.
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