December 13th, 2000


The Dragon Lady & The White Woman

There is a dragon lady in my head. She is Chinese, and dressed in the traditional robes that are shown on old silkscreens and the like. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about. She looks exactly like a noble from the Ming Dynasty. Her name is Kwan-Yin.
We share the room upstairs, so to speak, but lately we haven't been getting along. She thinks I am not lady-like enough because I have a nasty habit of speaking my mind instead of holding back. After all, why keep a razor tongue in check if by doing so I cut myself?

She also feels that I do not show the proper levels of decorum for a descendant of an Emperor. That may be. Her version is so foreign, anyway. If it were up to her, I would spend more time reading the classics and learning my native language instead of writing my own thoughts and poems and drawing. I would have servants fulfilling my daily tasks instead of doing them myself. I should wear loose skirts and turtlenecks instead of jeans and lower cut v-necks.

She's a bit of a snot, actually. And she argues constantly with the White Woman.

The White Woman, if she has a name, has yet to reveal it to me. She has long white hair, pale white skin, and a long white dress that looks like she fell out of the court of Versaille. She scolds me constantly for holding back. She feels that I should live up to my bloodrights, as a distant descendant of Charlemange, and show the peasants of the world who I truly am. It is she who thinks that I must not only show Sarah her place, but oust her and take the throne of JSA myself.

Between her and Kwan-Yin, it's a surprise I have any thoughts to myself. But most of time, our arrangement works surprisingly well. They help me see my characters from different angles, and it is they who help me twist my stories' plots.

But all the same, it's getting rather crowded upstairs.
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