December 18th, 2000


Conversation Fragment, Davy-style

I went over to Davy's for lunch. Hamburgers (the only thing he can cook) and Pillsbury Brownies (the only thing that I can cook.) After we'd eaten, I sat on the couch while he messed with his guitar and groused about my life (as usual.) I was griping about Sarah and how I can't stand her and how annoying she is when he put his hand on my arm.
"Sam." His eyes weren't laughing. They were serious. Dead serious. "You call yourself a Christian?"
"It's one of your more admirable qualities, the way you stay true to your religion. But what was one of Jesus' greatest teachings?"
"Love thy neighbor as yourself." Inwardly, I was pouting. I hate being told what I already know, reminded of my faults.
"Now, I'm thinking you don't love Sarah. That makes you a hypocrite."
"But..." He's right, of course, but I couldn't go down without a fight, "...have you even met the girl? No! She's unbearable..."
"I didn't say you had to like her, only that you have to love her."
"Sounds funny coming from you, Mr. Atheist. You don't even believe in God."
"True, but I believe in you, Sam, and I don't want you to compromise yourself." He smiled at me, and put his guitar away. "It's a nice day. Let's go for a walk."
And off we went to wander the world.