January 1st, 2001


The Dragon's Reign Ain't Over

I don't believe in January 1st and Dick Clark. It isn't New Year's yet. It won't be until February.
The Year of the Golden Dragon is waning, but it isn't over yet. The White Snake hasn't come slithering in yet.

The Golden Dragon has been interesting. Theoretically, it might've been good. As fire is my lucky element, I have poor luck as it is in 2000. Monkey, Rat, and Dragon together combined in 2000 for a powerful Water year. Because I am Red Dragon born in the year of the Green Rat, I suppose it helped cancel out some of the truly negative things that could've happened.

But for 2001. I will be lucky this year, as White Snake is a fire elemental. But for the majority of the world, the year will be...interesting. Full of conflicts. Here's a certain fortuneteller's vision:

Year 2000 is a year of Golden Dragon. Chinese say people cannot see the Dragon's head and tail at the same time. So the Dragon is unpredictable and untouchable. The Golden Dragon year 2000 was really an unpredictable year. Year 2001 is a year of Golden Snake. The Dragon year is the ending year of Wood cycle (Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon), The Snake year is the beginning year of Fire cycle (Snake, Horse and Sheep). That means the Snake is in the Fire Group. The Golden Snake is a Metal on the top of the Fire. The Metal is in trouble and has to fight with the Fire. That gives the hint that year 2001 will have many disagreements and arguments. Fortunately, the Snake contains Fire and Earth (Soil). The Earth will act as a compromiser between the Metal and the Fire, according the relationship of Five Elements. Therefore, there will always be a solution or helper when things go wrong. When you feel unlucky in year 2001, then think about Lady White fought to save her marriage in the the story of White Snake.

There is but one month left in our unpredictable Year of the Dragon.

Enjoy it.