January 23rd, 2001


I'm accepted except at school.

Finals, part one. They're tough. Miserable. I should study but I don't. Chem final tomorrow - with a partner. Cathy's gonna hate me. We're paired up and I don't know the material. She doesn't like many people at school - I suppose it's a bit of a compliment that she tolerates my spazziness. Hope I'm not too much of a thorn in her side tomorrow.
I seem to be good at annoying my friends lately. Laura...I'm confused, actually. She writes me an email, but at school she's still her same sweet and nice personable self. I can't decide whether it was something she had to get out of her system so that she could move on, or whether she figures that now that I know what's what I'll...stop being me. I'm not quite sure. Well, it could be worse. She could be firing eyeball daggers everytime my back is turned.

I got accepted to this San Jose Rotary Club Convention in March. Very exclusive deal - two students from every school, they say. One girl, one guy. I wonder who will be accompanying me. Wanted to share, but I was afraid that if I did I'd set Laura off, since competition's one of my major problems. But then, she didn't apply, so she couldn't be annoyed...could she? I told Mr. Selfridge and Hillary, but that's all.

I read my friend's diary. It made me laugh, which isn't a good thing, because I think it was serious. But Peabody (who will be delighted with his nickname, I'm sure...he's my butler, y'see...) and his latest entry was just so...randomly scrambled. It amused me in all the ways I think it isn't supposed to.