January 29th, 2001


She's back...

Jessy's back. Jessica "Don't-Make-No-Nicknames-For-You" Jacobs has returned to Branham.
I would cry, but that is just sooo Spasian.
There are some good things. She can't be in my AP class because it would be too late in the year. She can't be in Leadership or Yearbook because you have to apply for those. She can't be a JSA officer because we already are elected for the year, and she isn't a tax-paid memeber, anyway. She can't be in honors for at least another six weeks.
But still, I was enjoying my school year without her. Why'd she have to come back and ruin my second semester?

Background info: Jessy was my Sarah of last year, only the whole school despised her instead of a few of my friends. I'm serious - no one could stand this girl, even the people she thought were her friends. It's pathetic, but not really. She was unbearable because she was a know-it-all, and liked to tell you all she knew. It was like she could memorize textbooks, but had no thoughts of her own.
She left at the end of last year to "thrive" under the Middle College program. But likely she flunked out or something, because now she's back.

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