February 1st, 2001


Chicken Soup on the Doorstep

Yearbook is sooo exciting. Today I talked to Peabody and listened to the head editors do my job for me! Fun! I can tell right now I'm not going to be an editor next year...at this point, I don't even care. I can't stand my Yearbook teacher. I miss Ms. Elsberry.
Jessy won't be in any of my classes - that's a relief. The only one I've had so far this week.
Some time ago, I'd accused Peabody of having weird friends, but he couldn't name any of mine. Or something like that. I don't actually remember this conversation. Today, though, he decided that my weird friend was Davy, whom he knows only through this diary. Good choice. I had to tell Davy that - it cracked me up. I called him on the phone, because he has the flu and I didn't get a shot this year.

Me: Hey, guess what. My friend Peabody thinks you're weird.
Davy: You dragged me away from Jerry Springer to tell me that? All the little people you hang out with think I'm weird.
Me: You betcha.
Davy: Thanks for the soup. Next time can you actually cook it?
Me: No.
(I left him a can of chicken soup on his doorstep yesterday.) I have to go to some School Board Council Meeting tonight, so bye-bye.
(has a sneezing fit and hangs up the phone. Weirdo.)
For whatever reason, my mom didn't come home 'til seven so I didn't go to that meeting anyway. I read chapter eighteen of my history book instead.
And now I'm going to go read it again. Ain't studying grand?

Marisa's Fuzzy Dice...and Class Rings

Well, I gave Marisa her present today. The dice weren't fuzzy, as planned, but shiny, because the store didn't have any nice looking fuzzy dice. (Plus, the shiny ones were two dollars less...Marisa understands, she's Fillipino...) They were red and cool, and if she didn't like them there was also a pack of Sailormoon cards to make things better.
Now, let's talk about class rings. I want my class ring, but I don't know what to put on the side panel. I am having such a fit of teenybopperdom over this, but I really do occasionally feel a swelling of class spirit and want to support Branham. So here's my idea ring:

Princess-cut, Class of '02, Sam's the name, sterling silver, blue sapphire with a star, one side has a cross on it, and the other side...um...this is where I'm having difficulties. I want to put "Secretary" there, but I don't know if I'll run, let alone win, ASB Secretary senior year and I'll feel like an idiot otherwise, since Junior Year doesn't count. I don't want to put Yearbook on there because the panel looks stupid, as does the one for Debate...

Maybe I'll hang all of this and just put the school's bruin there instead.