February 4th, 2001


Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

On Friday at lunch I went to the library with Hillary to study. I asked Susan to come with us since I didn't know where the rest of the group was and it would suck if we left her alone. So we're studying when I hear this instantly recognizeable voice behind me. "Can I sit with you guys?" It's scared, feeble. Desperate. I sigh. "Sure, Jessy." I feel sorry for her. I mean, first week's always rough, especially when you come back and feel that wave of hatred surge up and overwhelm you. I'm polite, and make small talk. I get her verbal promise not to interfere too much in JSA affairs. It could've been worse.
I'm reminded of something I wrote a couple of months ago, something Davy said. "You don't have to like her, you just have to love her."
Maybe this time around it won't be so hard.