March 13th, 2001


Switch'd Round

My night classes are not going well right now. Actually, none of my classes are. I've totally thrown the last 6 weeks in the toilet, because I'm so tired of working. And it's totally showing.
In Algebra, our old teacher disappeared. Poof. Class didn't meet last week - just as well, because I wasn't around. But still...we're several weeks behind all the other classes. Our new teacher is a Southerner. She seems really cool. I like her better than the first guy - although she does assign homework. :(

I didn't make it to photo tonight. I fell asleep this afternoon and didn't answer the door for my ride, so they went without me. That's okay - since no one's home with me, no one will ever know.

I'm still kinda sad about the memorial service that was last Sunday. Did I write about that? It was for one of my aunts, Auntie E, who died on March 9th. She was 66, I think. I miss her, but since she's dancing with Christ I can't complain. Really. I was trying to cry at the service, and I couldn't. I was too happy.