March 25th, 2001


Prom - float or bomb?

Will Prom float or will it bomb? I'm beginning to wonder.
Y'see, after letting the Junior Class believe that tickets would be...oh, say $35 or so...this week our officers (technically, I suppose that includes me, but I've been working on elections...) dropped the bomb that individual tickets were $50, and bids were $95. Bummer. Guess I gotta get a date.
Now, then I started thinking, who can I go with? Someone from school...eeew. Besides, most guys have already asked whoever they're going with. Someone from Oak Grove? Groovy, but then I have to pay, and if I go with someone the whole POINT is to avoid paying.
So I'll still do the stag-thing. But it stinks. Because you know what? Oak Grove's bids are $50, not the individual ticket.
I have to go fabric shopping with Kat later this week, so I can get my dress made. Ha-ha! I'm still going to have that dress, even if, thanks to this obnoxious ticket price, it turns out that I won't go. Nyahaha. What would be a good color for me? I'm thinking navy blue, or green, but yellow would be so cool...
However, I think Branham had quite enough of me and yellow after I wore my obnoxious chinese jacket on Friday. It's yellow, bright yellow, slightly embroidered, and very, very bright.
Hmmm...if anyone had even considered asking me to Prom, I bet that jacket scared them away.
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