May 20th, 2001


I love you all, but...

I'm having issues with my friends today. This week. This month. This year. This forever.
Not all of them, just a few. I'm going to gripe about them now, even though people who know them read this and will know who they are.

I have one friend who has serious B.O. issues, and doesn't seem to realize it. I mean, I can't stand to be near them after a certain hour of the day - it's that bad. I had to stand near them on Friday because we were doing a project together, and I felt like I was drowning. Do they know what deodorant is? Is there a polite way to tell them, "By the way, you stink!"

Another friend - another problem. I like her and respect her but she doesn't really do either for me. She has an issue, though. She doesn't like to do things all the way through. For example, she's an officer in a club that I'm in and she hasn't done squat all year long. If you cite her on it she says she doesn't know what to do or she doesn't want to or it isn't her job. She takes no initiative, and it bothers me. She thinks she'd like to be in Leadership next year, but she wouldn't be good at any of the positions. Maybe as a commissioner, which I am trying to convince her to be. But I don't know...

And a third friend. That friend's best friend. She's nice and she's sweet and sometimes she's deep, but other times she's...dense. She came to my house one day and we watched Monty Python, specifically the sketches of the Pet Shop and Upperclass Twit of the Year and the Bank Robber. And she didn't get any of it. My brother and I were rolling on the floor, in hysterics, as John Cleese robbed Eric Idle in his lingerie shop and the two of them did voiceovers for the Twit of the Year contest. And she stared at the screen blankly, simply not comprehending. The dull huh? reflected in her eyes. It was rather frustrating.

Then there's the whole "Everyone-in-Leadership-is-a-Twit-Except-For-Me-And-Dean" problem.

So I'm having issues with people, which is bad. I'm not popular enough that I can afford to have issues.

Double Meep.
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