June 5th, 2001


Fushigi Rayearth hits California- Pobre Sam-chan!

I had a dream
I had a drowning dream
I was in a river of pain
The only difference this time I wasn't calling out your name
Has it ended before it's begun?
You hold me back and I try to run...

Okay, I did have a dream and it did involve water, but otherwise it was nothing like the above song, which is written by the wonderful Natalie Imbruglia, who claims that she will have a new CD out this year. Yay.
Anyway, the dream.
For some reason, I was walking (don't know where) and being followed by this guy who looked suspiciously like Peter Tork. (You know, the dumb Monkee?) I think he was supposed to be my Guardian Pep-Talk TV-Show Host or something - all I remember is that he was very cheerful and he was smiling a lot.
Suddenly, I'm in a truck with this guy (but apparently I knew him because I wasn't scared) going to summer camp/youth group/something-else camp. But I didn't have any bags with me. Weird. My brother was around somewhere, I think in the back of the truck? Very strange.
So we get to this camp, which turns out to be moldy picnic tables next to a harbor by the bay that feeds into the Pacific Ocean. And every other single person at the camp is a stoner/"alternative lifestyle"/grunge/something-that-isn't-preppy. And they're all kicking this inflatable guy on the ground, who also looks suspiciously familiar. Tork tells them to stop it, so they let all his hot air out, deflate him, and throw him into a dumpster. The inflatable guy, that is. Not Tork, although I suspect he's full of hot air too. The leader of the bunch, who looked like a boy at my school named Scot Gorman (blonde hair, black clothes, very tall) split his time between trying to get me to get my clothes dirty (I was refusing to sit on the ground or something stupid like that) and trying to control everyone else, who were now sitting in a circle cutting papers up into zines. He introduced himself as Hotohome and then ignores me.
So I'm ostracized because I won't get dirty so I walk over to the ocean, where pirate ships and luxury cruises and yachts can be seen floating on the water. Suddenly, whales (gray or humpback) start leaping out of the water, and they're HUGE. One tail that is sticking out of the water is the size of the biggest ship. I turn to my Guardian Tork and comment on the beauty of the whales (Actually, what I said was "They're...so...BIG!" just like a twit. -_-) and he answers, "Yeah, they're toys." And then I'm squinting to look at them and I can see strings attached to them like puppets. I then said something really stupid like "You said there were no strings attached!"
So anyway, Hotohome comes up to me and asks what my name is. I answer Umi Ryuuzaki, and return to the group with him. They're sitting in a circle, holding hands, chanting, "We are Magic Knights, We are Magic Knights." Hotohome then insists that I am to join them as a Magic Knight.
Me: No way.
Hotohome: You would refuse becoming a Magic Knight?
Me: Dude, I'm Umi Ryuuzaki. I am the Magic Knight, and I am going to kick all of your butts!
Hotohome: You're not really Umi.
Me: Okay, so my name's Sam. But I really am the Magic Knight.
Hotohome: I believe you.
Me: You should.
Hotohome: Prove it.
Me: ...

My brother, who has been lurking at the back of my subconscious but has never actually appeared, now is replaced by Hikaru and Fuu. (By the way, if you've never read/watched Magic Knights Rayearth, you're so lost by now. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are the three Magic Knights, destined to save the world of Cephiro. But anyway...) So the three Magic Knights are standing there, glaring at Hotohome and his homies.
Me: Dude, we're the Magic Knights.
Hotohome: I'm waiting for you to prove it.
Me: Uh...Hikaru, you handle this.
Hikaru: Anata no baka! I'm a figment of your imagination!
Me: Fuu?
Fuu: I am sorry, Ms. Umi, but you are on your own.
Me: That's not cool.
Hotohome: ...
I turn to Guardian Tork. "Take me home?" He's grinning like Regis Philban.
Me: Water DRAGON! (That's Umi's attack. One of them, anyway.) The pier down in the bay collapses as a giant whirlpool forms in the water, out of which splashes up a blue dragon.
Hotohome: Seiyru!
Me: Uh...sure.
Hotohome: I am one of your seishi, Seiyru no Miko
Me: Whoa, whoa, when did we switch anime?
Hotohome: You must summon Seiyru!
Me: What does THAT look like?
Hotohome: I am one of the Seiyru Seishi, and you are Seiyru no Miko. I'll protect you forever. TV dinners are on sale at Albertson's for ninety-nine cents.
Me: Okay, time OUT. (Do you ever try to take charge of your dreams?) I was watching Magic Knight Rayearth yesterday, so that explains THAT. But where did the whales and Guardian Tork and FUSHIGI YUGI come from?
Guardian Tork: I think you want to look at the pirate ships.
So I go off and watch the ships and the whales, occasionally malleting Hotohome, who has long since ceased to look like Scot Gorman and now looks more like an overripe tomato.

Eventually, I did wake up. I think.