June 8th, 2001


Guess what, Jessy? You win!

Today was JSA officer elections. I didn't call the meeting. Stephanie didn't call the meeting. Laura didn't call the meeting. Not one officer did.
Jessy did. Which, of course, goes against the constitution on "only the President can call meetings" but who is keeping track, right? She justified it with "the need of necessity." How about the need of necessity of you returning to Leigh? Maybe they'd welcome you back from your absence - we at Branham certainly did not.
So I went. It may have infringed on my turf, but I wanted to know what she had planned. I listened to Jessy give her speech on why she had called the meeting, why Caywood was the new Advisor, why she was so good for President, etc. etc. etc. Basically, in her opinion, the whole year (Note she hadn't been there for most of it) had sucked due to its President and her administration and therefore she had taken over. Hostile takeover maybe, but it was for the good of everyone, really. Because Jessy knows best, and Jessy will fix everything. Yeah right.
And I decided that I was tired of JSA. I've given two years to it, and that is enough. Jessy kept saying, "I did this and I did that and when I was President the club was good" and on and on and on it went, Jessy-self-promotion. Jessy wanted to be President. That's fine. I don't want it anymore.
So I let Jessy have it. Let Jessy have the club, the consititution, anything and everything she may want she can have. I'm tired of JSA. Tired of debate.
I'm lying my head off, you know.
Actually, I think Jessy will fail. I think that her attempts to raise the club up from the hell that it has fallen into will succeed only as well as her attempt at Middle College (she flunked out) or her attempt at being President her sophomore year. I have no confidence with her.
JSA will be her baby. The minute she came back to school, she expected it to be handed over to her with open arms. And it was, and she did nothing with it. As she had before.
I don't like to work with her. She's bossy, she's rude, and the only thing she promoted the whole time she spoke today was herself. I don't like to work under her, and if I were to have run for Vice President that's what I would have done.
So Jessy, rather than deal with you I will drop the club. Simple - short - easy.

Snotty Snob!

Guess what? I'M SNOBBY!
Naw! That just made my day in about eighty kinds of ways. Seriously, though, I don't mind being called a snob because I am. Comes from the royal genetics and being raised at preppy private schools and what not. Being a genius helps too.
So what did I do today? I joined the Dexter Freebish Street Team, because I am really liking that band right now. 'Cuz I remember how we shared time together and we used to say that the stars are forever until you dreamed about how to make your life better by leaving town I just love that song...
Anyway, so I'm jabbering on the phone to Davy (Yeah, we're friends again...if you ever get in a fight with someone, tell them you dreamed about them. Even if they aren't talking to you, that usually makes them curious enough that they'll talk to you again. Or else they yell at you again, but whatever works, no da?) and my computer starts to fritz out on me and it looked like it was going to explode. Seriously, there were little puffs of steam or something coming out of the zip drive. So I spent about half an hour chanting and sending prayers to the CPU God, sending him sacrifices of floppy disks and only homework file .docs. He was feeling merciful, I guess, because my computer's back to normal. Maybe it was just having PMS or something...funny, I thought my computer was a dude...
Anyway, so Davy ended up coming over to look at the computer (he doesn't know anything about them, but he thinks he does. Guys and all their issues, each in a seperate plastic baggie.) and he poked it with a stick (this really happened) and then ate the rest of my mom's birthday cake. Great people, them British.
So that's what I did today. And that's all, folks!