June 9th, 2001


Theme Journals

As I worked on my theme journals for English today, I took frequent breaks. Because there is nothing more insane than trying to do theme journals for a semester's worth of reading in two days.
So I did a theme journal for two chapters of Huck Finn and watched Fushigi Yugi.
Then I did two more chapters of Huckleberry and wrote a storyline for my novel.
Then I finished Huckleberry Finn. Then I took a three hour lunch break.
Just think about how anti-productive I'm going to be when I actually hit the work force.
Someone's shooting firecrackers off next door. I wonder who. The dogs in the neighborhood are all whining at the noise.
For those of you who don't know, theme journals are English assignments wherein you read a poem or part of a novel and write down your reaction to it, your analyzation of it, and how it relates to one of the themes of American Literature. In other words, it's an assignment that's fairly easy to BS your way through.
Thank goodness.