June 12th, 2001


Shopping no da with She-Ra

Okay, after I got home today Mom wanted to go shopping for Father's Day presents, so we went to Valley Fair mall. It was renovated recently, and Mom hadn't seen the changes yet. It's waaaaaaaay bigger (80 new stores!) and she kept gaping like a tourist. It was embarrassing.
I needed to get a yellow shirt for a picture I'm supposed to be taking with the Junior Asians girls, so I was looking for one at Contempo and Macy's. I couldn't find one I liked though - there was a tolerable $10 one at Contempo, but it had glitter on it and you're supposed to avoid using glitter when getting your picture taken.
While at Macy's, my mom and I were separated because the Juniors Department is on the Basement level (they have it all set up with blinking lights and tv screens...so weird in a clothes store...like a rave, I guess...) and the Petites (my Mom's size) is up on the upper level. Mom apparently didn't hear me when I told her I was going down, so we ended up passing each other on the elevator upwards of five times before finally connecting.
After we tangled out way out of Macy's with new clothes for Dad (she told me what, but I wasn't listening fully) we stopped by Suncoast to buy Goong-Goong's present. We were going to get him Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but it turns out that while it's on DVD, it's not yet on video. Whatever! So we're going to give him a video copy of our DVD, and buy him the video when it is released.
Finally, we went to Hot Topic, a store that creeps my Mom out but I like because they sell shirts with 80's cartoons on them. And guess what I spent my yellow shirt money on, Kris - a black SHE-RA TANK TOP! NYAAAAAAAAAAA!
Seriously, I loved She-Ra. Does anyone else remember that show? I dressed like her one Halloween, and I have the plastic toy castle and all the furniture and a bunch of the dolls and the plastic swan and the flying horse...anyway. So I got this awesome tank top that has She-Ra riding Swift Wind. Swift Wind's hair is the wrong color (it's brown instead of blond) but otherwise it looks accurate to me. So that made my day.
But now I have no money for a yellow shirt...Kris will slaughter me, unless she buys a new yellow shirt tomorrow or something, because then I can borrow her old one! ^^;; I should check this plan with her first, no da? (Why am I suddenly sticking No Da everywhere? Must be because I got my Chichiri tanktop...arrr...)