June 13th, 2001


Shop 'til you drop

I went shopping again today, this time with the Asians. It was the Search for the Yellow Tanktop. Ooooo...
This time we were at Eastridge Mall, which is in the Eastside of San Jose and is extremely ghetto, even though it's absolutely wonderful looking inside, all clean and shiny and nice. It's actually really weird, because it has three levels, but the second (middle) level only exists in a small part of the mall. This complication leads to several random staircases in the center of the mall. It's really really strange, and easy to get disoriented when you're in that area.
Luckily, Kris has the whole place memorized. We got there two hours earlier than the rest of the bunch, so we'd already cased the place out and eaten our meals by the time the others showed up.
Of course, once Maria, Isa, Isa's friend Alison, Sandy, and Barbara showed up there was this huge crowd of giggling Asian teenagers stalking around the mall. Poor bystanders...
To make a long story short, and cut out unnecessary madness like Sandy's Blue Poo story and her farting dog toy and Maria's little denim jumpsuit adventure and the fact that Alison stood out like...a white ear of corn amongst yellow...anyway, to cut the story short I finally did end up with a yellow tanktop, one which Sandy ended up paying for because
A/My money wasn't mine, but my brother's
B/I was being stubborn and didn't want a yellow tanktop anymore.
So I've bought (or have to pay for) three tank tops in the past week. Must be some sort of record, ne, Kris?
My tanktop, which I tried on after I'd got some sleep after I went home, looks pretty good. It's creamy yellowish, with light blue lining around the shoulders. Oh, and it has a hood. The hood was very important. I think I may have a hood fetish.
Now, if only it had a dragon...