June 17th, 2001


Homosexual Cowboys

I think it was Jeff Pearsall who called Jimmy a homosexual cowboy. It was hilarious, especially in its context, but I think it was a had-to-be-there sort of thing.
Anyway, my Dad and I were driving home from San Francisco tonight when two guys (Surfer Guy Driver, a tanned cutie with bleached hair who looked like he'd just graduated and Balding Daddy-O, a guy I could swear was his father) in a Ford Mustang pulled in front of us. My first thought was A Mustang Convertible has got to be the lamest car to have in San Francisco. My second thought was along the lines of Dude, the driver is cute.
So we pull up to a red spotlight and Balding Daddy-O leans over and kisses Surfer Guy very passionately, tongue and all.
Dad: That's kinda sweet.
Me: Eeeeeewww...that's...yuck!
Dad: Well, if two guys can't kiss in San Francisco than where can they?
Me: That guy's old enough to be the driver's father!
Dad: Maybe he just has male pattern baldness...
Me: looking behind us where I have just spotted a Toyota '89 MR2 in baby blue and drooling
Dad: turns the radio on to 102.1, and we listen to Mozart all the way home
Yeah, so that was my Father's day daughter/old man bonding experience. Eep.