July 16th, 2001


Chinese Curls is done!

My wonderful and fluffy zine, Chinese Curls #1 is done. It has art, observations, stories, and stupid jokes in it. Very wonderful...if you want to see the cover, you can click here and view it. I might change the cover, though, because I re-colored it and I think it looks better this way. Any opinions?
The zine itself costs a dollar (I hope that's a fair price...^^;;) and is very cool. But I'm just happy because it's done, and that means that I can say that I did do something this summer and have proof of it! ^_^ If, for one weird reason or another some of you might be interested in procuring a copy, it is available at Makaiju Distro.
And if anyone was wondering what I look like, that's sort of it. Yeah.