August 2nd, 2001


Ansel Adams hits 100 and The Pillows

So last night I went and mixed with the San Francisco elite (yeah right...) at the premiere for the 'Ansel Adams at 100' art exhibit which will be touring the United States this year and early next. Very cool.
Not really. For all these fancy gallery-opening sort of events, you have to dress nicely. No holes in your jeans - no jeans at all, in fact. And black. Black is such an essential - it's a dot-com and artist thing. So I had to rummage through my closet and find my velvet black skirt that goes to my ankles yet has no slit because my dad doesn't approve of such things. I hate skirts. But anyway, then I had to find a decent top to go with it (no tank tops, since it's San Francisco) and by the time I was done with that it was time to go, so I had to grab my boots and get moving. (I don't own any nice shoes...not one!)
Anyway, so by the time we drive up to San Francisco and find parking it's 7 o'clock and time to enter the gallery, so we do. Very spiffy nice. If you aren't familiar with Ansel Adams, he was a very famous photographer who did a *lot* of black and white photography of various natural phenomena...his most famous pictures are the ones he took of Yosemite Valley. He was very talented, and this exhibit showed stuff from the beginning of his career all the way to what he was working on before he died. This guy shot pictures of everything, especially that which other people wouldn't even think of. He was truly amazing, and just overflowing with talent. We must've spent an hour looking at all his photographs. There's this great one of a single white tree (aspen?) standing out in a forest, with dozens and dozens of grey trees in the background. My Chemistry teacher had a copy of it hanging in her room, and it's my favorite Adams photo. The museum I was at had both the original shot and a print he made, in which he messed around with the negative and made the photo much more dynamic. Sugoi!
We saw other galleries, too. Most of them were modern art, which means some of it was wEiRd. I mean, I know they're trying to make a statement, but come on; am I the only one weirded out by a urinal on a pedestal? There was one exhibit where this guy had taken pictures of people he met across America over a period of ten years - just different photos of different people. Huh. Felt like a voyeur.
In one of the modern art halls, there was a three piece "painting" which was just white paint on a white campus, so that there was no actual image. Two guys, maybe freshmen in college at the oldest (both of them were very good looking in a preppy My-Daddy's-Paying-My-Way-To-Yale-With-Pocket-Change kind of way), were standing in front of it when I walked in.
Guy #1: **strikes pose of the critic, with his hand on his hand on his chin** Now what does this painting say to you?
Guy #2: I's white!
Guy #1: Like you!
Both of them charge off into another room at top speed, whooping and hollering. Guys are so weird, no da.
So that was my fun last night. Yippee.


Oh, and The Pillows. Anybody heard of them? I downloaded a song of theirs off of, and now I'm wondering if they've done anything else besides a bizarre little song called 'ride on shooting star.' They're j-pop, so I don't think I'll get any help here...but one can hope.

I took that damn personality test...

I feel so dirty because I just wrote the word 'damn.' But that's really how I feel about the personality test. Even though it is very true...-_-
If you don't know what test I'm talking about, go here. You can read the descriptions of the different personality disorders here.
Disorder & Rating Information
Paranoid: High
Heh heh...I don't worry about other people having sinister motives because I don't think they're smart enough to have 'em. Excessive trust in own knowledge abilities...that hits the nail on the head.
Schizoid: High
Is that me, Kris? You'll have to tell me if my social skills are weak or not...
Schizotypal: High
Soooo me...heck, Ms. B's word for me was eccentric...
Antisocial: High
Careless with money, that's me...and I do believe that if others are taken advantage of it's often their own dumb fault...I am such an awful person, aren't I? I've been rating high for all these mental issues o.O
Borderline: Low
Yeah, that's not a problem for me. Nope nope.
Histrionic: High
Ne, is this one me too? I mean, besides the 'grandiose language to describe everyday events' part?
Narcissistic: Very High
Well, of course this one is high. I always tell you all that I am full of myself and that I should be worshipped.
Avoidant: Moderate
Not much to say about this one...
Dependent: Low
Yes, I've very independent, I've heard.
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate
Perfection sucks. I'm definately not into sharing my cash, tho'.
So is this accurate? I don't know, probably. I'm such an unpleasant person...can't say that I'm upset about it, though. I always say I'm several kinds of crazy...