August 5th, 2001


Party at Great America

Great America = "Theme Park With Greatest Selection of Roller Coasters in Northern California!" That's what all their publicity says, anyway. But did you know they pay minimum wage and that is it??? Such a bummer.
I was at this "Greatest Theme Park" all day Saturday, goofing around with a tasteful (pfft!) selection of Kitty's friends and relatives. The mission: to have a good time, and to stress Kitty out beyond belief.
The Players
Kitty - One of my best friends, the "ethnic" one. 'Nuff said.
Mike - He's weird. He's a freak. He's either loaded or just likes to blow money. He's really good at "Scatterball," the cheapest game on the midway. He got our tickets. He and Kitty should be announcing their engagement any day now, even though they aren't dating. Kitty would kill me if she read that last sentence.
Cindy - She was the youngest, because she's a sophomore. Very peppy, very apologetic when she was 20 minutes late, which then caused us to be two hours late getting to the park.
Tram-An - She's a pervert. Seriously.
Bandaid - One of my best friends, the "blonde" one. 'Nuff said.
Christian - Bandaid's Filipino boyfriend. Very quiet, but he had an awesome Rurouni Kenshin shirt.
Laura - Old friend from junior high. Also very cool.
George - Laura's boyfriend. He's African-American. Surrounded by Asians - it was kind of funny, but I'm not sure why.
Khoi - Kitty's cousin by law. He and Mike are interchangeable, except Khoi has no skills when it comes to playing games. Also not so free with his coins.
Patrick - He just got back from some trip to England, and wasn't awake at all. He's not Asian.
So we went around Great America and wasted a lot of time getting seperated and chasing people in and out of stores and trying to win a toy for Khoi's younger sister. Very sad. I think we went on a total of six rides, and we were there for ten hours. o.O
First we did bumper cars, which I really suck at. I basically spent the first half spinning the wheel around and around and doing all sorts of pathetic half-assed attempts at playing, but I kept hitting the wall. -_- So I went to sleep for the second half, and let people run into me all they wanted.
Next Kitty & Co. went on the Grizzly - I'm scared of that roller coaster because it's made of wood and looks like it'll fall over at any second, so I stayed with Bandaid and waited. It's really dull waiting for someone to get through one of those lines.
It was nearly noon, so we went to have lunch. We had these "free food in the Picnic Grove" tickets that Mike had dug up somewhere, and we got these beyond gross hot dogs. I couldn't eat the food - it was putrid - but everyone else had nice healthy doses. Suddenly, some woman got up and started announcing raffle winners. We all turned to look at Mike - and suddenly realized that we were in the middle of some corporate picnic and not where we were supposed to be at all. So we all snuck away as fast as we could, hoping nobody noticed. ^^;;
Because everyone's food had to digest, we went to one of the arcades and let the guys play for a half hour. Unfortunately, every time we tried to drag one of them away the other four raced back inside. -_- Bandaid's boyfriend, Christian, is really good at Dance Dance Revolution. I spent most of the time watching him, and the rest of it kicking butt at Air Hockey. Khoi suddenly realized he wanted to win a huge stuffed toy for his sister, so he then spent $20+ on carnival games and didn't win a thing. Mike went over to play "Scatterball" and within fifteen minutes won four pink piggies and a white dog. Boys are so weird.
Then came the Rip Roarin' Rapids ride, where Mike and Khoi ganged up on Kitty and I, turning the wheel of the tire we were floating in so that we girls got the worst of the water. Jerks.
Kitty wanted to go on Stealth, and there was a two-hour wait, so Bandaid and Christian got bored and left the park. Laura, Tram-An, and I wandered around. We took a peek in at 7th Portal (some 3-D ride/movie deal) which was like a really bad 3-D cartoon. o.O We got pizza. We sat shivering for over half an hour because it was dark and we were still wet from the Rapids ride. Finally, they finished with Stealth and we went to win another piggie, this time for Khoi's sister.
About that time the park was closing, and Kitty was kinda feeling cranky (or something. I didn't get all the details, because I don't want to know. Ferreal.) So we went to wait for the light rail, and Mike came with us because he didn't want us to be by ourselves. (I haven't decided if that's chivalrous or just weird...) So we waited for the light rail for half an hour, still freezing. (Mike ended up busting out his spare set of clothes, so that Kitty was wearing his warm-up pants and I was wearing one of his shirts. o.O) We didn't get to Kitty's house until past midnight. (Her dad was soooooooooo pissed ^^;;) Since we didn't dare let Kitty's dad know Mike was with us, we hid him behind her desk and he had to eat Captain Crunch in a bowl like a dog. His dad came to pick him up (supremely pissed off, I might add) around 1 AM, but as we were sneaking Mike out the door Kitty's dad spotted us. BUSTED! Since it was the middle of the night, though, he didn't say anything.
I slept over (too lazy to go home, basically. Besides, my mom would kill me if I showed up that late.) The next morning Kitty's sister got stuck hauling me home. I kept falling asleep in the middle of giving directions.
And somehow, I got sunburned. I never burn, so the minute I was home I called my doctor and yelled at him for several minutes. Turns out that one of the medications I'm on makes my skin super sensative to light, as a side effect. Why couldn't he tell me that *before* I spent a day goofing off in the sun?