August 28th, 2001


Ride on shooting star...

Hmmm...looks like I'm almost up for a new monthly song. I'll have to figure that out later...
Anyway, by popular demand (one request) my schedule for my senior year shall be as follows:

A Day
1/ Physics with Soss-sensei
2/ Leadership with Jones-san
3/ AP English with Clinton-chan (notice that the later in the day, the less respectful I am to that particular teacher...)

B Day
4/ Art 2 with Prates-san
5/ American Gov't/Econ. with Betham-sensei
6/ Yearbook with Clarke no baka

I might change that schedule, though, so it isn't permanant. To top it off, I may become active in JSA this year (depends how anal Jessy wants to be this year) and I will be enjoying my ASB Secretary position truely madly deeply ooooo...

Sorry, I just had a Savage Garden moment. Anyway, about four seperate people from my old junior high e-mailed/called me in the past week. People I haven't heard from in four years - it was surreal. Guess they were cleaning out old phonebooks or something - anyway, it was nice to hear from people again.

My network went down (again!) on the 23rd and we just got it somewhat operational today. How annoying -_-

And now I have got to get back to my AP English homework, because I still have 1.5 books left to analyze. Ciao!