September 1st, 2001


I've got nothing but a bottle of tea in me.

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Just haven't had much to say, you know? I've been laying out words for so many other projects (cough*apenglishhomework*cough) that I haven't had any left to put here.
While my life has not been busy this past week, it hasn't been as tranquil and calm as it was for most of the summer. School started again, so I had to go class for three days and that felt strange. I've had such an unscheduled, free summer that I have yet to get used to structure again.

It was strange being back in school. On the one hand, it was nice to see everyone again. On the other hand, being a loner for an awful lot of that time does not fulfill my various ambitions. I mean, Kris is always there (such an awesome friend she is, putting up with me and 'oh! let's go to blockbuster today!' 'hey, we need to go to oakridge now!' 'Kris, you'll go to the library, right?')but everyone else in our group seemed to have drifted off into other trains of thought because I can't really relate to anyone anymore. (And then, of course, Quinn (would she be insulted if I called her Harley?) and Isa (how is that spelled?) weren't even at school, or were really hard to find...) Some people who used to be closer don't even converse with me anymore, and that's kinda sad. Plus, since I seem to have done a lot better than everyone else on the AP Exam a couple of kids act rather resentful.

But overall it was nice. I like most of my teachers. I might escape Yearbook, and then I will have happy days. Just like on TV.