September 13th, 2001


And you don't seem to understand...

I haven't really had much to write about/talk about/think about lately. No matter what I try to do or what I attempt to accomplish, it keeps coming back to that. That incident that haunts America and hovers over it like a shadow. The boom that circled around the world.
What really has been getting under my skin lately was a website I did back in late 1999, early 2000. Essentially, a mock-award show for several different RPG writers. Apparently, it was very controversial for the short amount of time it was up. It bugged a lot of people, and they took it out on friends of mine. That pisses the crack out of me. But what really made me mad, what really ticks me off, is the fact that none of these people have the balls to do this to my face. The back-bitching and complaining took place in some forum that I never read, so I was never even aware of how obnoxious these people were being, or how they were treating the people I like and admire. I find out about all this three days ago. I am so angry about it. The site wasn't meant to be controversial, it was meant to be fun. But these people didn't win or something, so they got all butt-hurt and started twisting everything and coming up with these mad theories about it and the short of it is that they ended up saying really rude things about the winners, whom I really respect and admire. And I never knew about it. I'm just glad I didn't do it again this year, like I originally planned. So that's been poking at me like a headache all day long.
Kris ditched me today. **sniffle** I went to the office with Heidi after school so Kris couldn't find me, so she didn't give me a ride home. (i was so hurt! - not really...^_^) I ended up having a fun time watching the football game against Scotts Valley. Branham JV won 16-zip, I think. Yay. Made me feel better for a while. Hopefully I'll watch the Varsity team tomorrow, even though Ronny and Tim aren't playing. I like our football.
Well, off to write about my new zine project. Later!