September 19th, 2001


The Hairy Black Beast of ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

Well, I am still in mourning over the death of my beloved computer, because I am not looking forward to writing everything again. I just realized yesterday morning that a story I was writing off of one of revolution's poems is still around. About half of it is gone, but the beginning is still good, so I might finish that first before starting to write some of the longer stories that were completely eliminated. You know, to break the ice a bit.
I am also still slightly depressed because my mp3 collection is missing so many of my favorite j-pop/j-rock songs. But I managed to raise my collection back up to 267 mp3s in two days, so I think that I might be able to come out of this smiling. Even if 'Ride on shooting star' is gone! **sob**

So school is good. Jessy is really being a pain in the @$$ because she keeps spastisizing and bringing up really random comments in class. I want to retch. I like AP English, but it's so annoying to be analyzing a poem with Jessy blurting out really stupid connections all period long. Also, I've noticed that Michelle doesn't say anything, even though she writes tons and tons on her paper. I'd like to hear what she thinks of the poems, but Jessy doesn't let anyone get a word in. Arrrrrgh.

I really like my B-days better than my A-days. B-day is just Art 2 and Government - so easy! I can sleep through both of those classes, I'm so good at both of them. (Why be modest?)

Funny story. In Art 2 we did these "hair" pictures, where you're supposed to draw your head from a profile along with your hair. It demonstrates your control over different types of lines. Or something. Anyway, I did mine and it wasn't too interesting, but Mrs. Prates put it in the front office to display anyway. I swear, I think I'm just one of her pet students or something. The picture is awful. But I've had kids coming up to me all week long asking, "Hey, is that your hair in the office?" Arrrrrrrrgh.

And just once more: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.