September 22nd, 2001


We are the Bruins...Mighty Mighty Bruins...

On Friday night I went to the first Branham Night game to support our football team. We were playing against Harker, which is some ghetto team that doesn't even have their own football field, so they play at PAL Stadium. They have ugly uniforms...anyway.
Branham was playing so well! At first the teams seemed evenly matched, which made the game tense, but Branham started to pull ahead. It was really exciting. ^_^ We scored five touchdowns, which for our team is a lot. Harker only scored two, because while their team is decent it isn't GOOD. And yet we tied.
Why? Personally, I think Harker totally paid off those refs. They kept giving us penalties for no reason, or for some minor infraction which was ignored if Harker committed it. Of our five touchdowns, only TWO were counted. The other three (one in the first quarter, two in the third) were somehow ruled invalid. I was playing close attention - Branham did nothing wrong! Made me so mad...
What was really frustrating was that this game, which for Branham was a milestone because it was our first night game ever plus our first game where we started out 2-0, and Sports Focus (A t.v. show that covers all the high school sports on Saturday night) didn't even mention it! Instead they covered games from schools with bigger names and better press.
I usually don't have much Branham pride - and usually the only reason I care for our football is because several football players are in my classes, and talking about the games makes good conversation. But now I want to go to every game, so that I can see with my own eyes that Branham does gain back everything we lost at this game. Namely, our school's pride. When we rematch Harker next year, I'm going to that game too. So I can watch Branham kick their candy asses.