September 25th, 2001


Skipping school is just so cool...

Well, I woke up this morning, slammed my alarm off, and gazed at the ceiling and said, "You know what? I won't go to school today." Then I quickly peered out the door to confirm that the rest of the household was still asleep.
You see, if I'm going to play hooky today was just the ideal day to do so. My mom has to teach, obviously, so she wouldn't be home. Dad's not even in the state, let alone close enough to find me out. My brother had play practice, so he wouldn't get home 'til late either. Mom was going to be at a meeting later tonight, so I would easily be able to intercept the phone call from school stating "Your son or daughter missed one or more classes today at school." Ha ha.
So I did. I waited until my mom left and then went back to sleep. I woke up again and at ten o'clock ate three sticky cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I then worked on cleaning my room - how spiffy! (I even made progress...) I finished a couple of pictures for my friend Pixie that I'd been putting off all week.
Then it was lunch time, so I made some fettucini alfredo and garlic bread and it was good. I then settled down to study - really study - my physics book, and I think I might actually understand it now. Then I did a load of wash, which is now sitting in my doorway waiting to be folded.
Later in the afternoon I logged onto pander's forum and made intelligent discussion for once. Yay. Then I burned a new CD for myself. ^_^ And I wrote out a quick, basic outline for a story that started germinating last weekend. Maybe I'll stick it in Chinese Curls #2, the cover of which was designed today.
Oh, today was so productive. And every day might be like this without school. sigh. Well, now I'll just be filling out some job applications so I can try to get them turned in tomorrow.