September 30th, 2001


...she replied saucily as she lifted up her skirt

Well, what was I accomplishing today? Hmmmm...nothing is such a pathetic answer. Bwaaa.
I did draw the first five pages of Noeru, in draft form. Did I tell you about Noeru? It's going to be a one-shot short story manga that I hope to have out by Halloween. I'm actually making it to as a present for my friend Erika, so it has a lot of her favorite elements in it: crossdressers, yaoi, and nudity. The story itself won't be that great - it's one of those typical touchy-feely-teenage-emotional-roller-coasters-self-discovery-new-age-frap. The art, being mine, won't be smashing either. -_- But hopefuly someone will like Noeru, because I'm going to pour an awful lot of energy into it. Besides, Emeril is going to be HOT.

What else did I do today? I added a couple of new pages to my "art diary," which is basically a notebook that I have to create something lovely inside of it every few days to keep my art teacher happy. It's kind of fun - today I drew a bird. Fluffy. ^_^ It's actually going to be a test to see if the art teacher, Mrs. Prates, remembers the Phoenix I drew in her class sophomore year. (It won a 2nd in a District Art Fair...1st went to a senior at Leigh, I think.) The drawing I did in my notebook was one of the alternate ideas for the prize winner.

TOD wasn't working for me earlier. I couldn't access it. It drove me nuts. ^^;;

My mind is in the gutter right now. It happens after dealing with yaoi all day. ^^;; But you should be proud of me - there will be no SEX in my manga, despite the fact that sex probably would drive sales up 185%. ^^;; Be proud that thus far my head is not completely filled with dirty smut.