October 5th, 2001


Oh no! You killed Fluffy! (No, I did.)

Fluffy is my butler's car. It's a butt ugly truck that has many many dents and a busted door and overall it SUCKS. And it's noisy and smelly and it has a Grinch in it. (Actually, the Grinch is kinda nifty.) It's also dead, and apparently it's my fault.
See, after the Butler dropped me off yesterday he hit something in the road (squirrel? snake? nail? He didn't say.) and one of the tires popped and so he had to abandon the car in a shopping center and go home and be generally sad. Aack. Where's my ride on Monday going to come from? o.O (Yes, that is what I'm concerned about.)
In other news, today they announced the winners of the Senior Bests. You know, 'Most Likely To Succeed,' 'Worst Driver,' 'Best Eyes,' 'Best Ass,' etc. I won 'Most Artistic.' (Nya ha ha.) Someone I've never heard of also won it (since a guy and a girl wins each catagory, no da.) but still...that was cool. That made my day. Crack. I have to take another picture. X_x Okay, it made my day better, anyway.
AP English was really fun today. We were performing segments of Oedipus Rex in groups. Kris and I had the 4th Choral Ode, or something. All I know is that we both went up to the front of the room, each read a couple of lines about Oedipus' theoretical parentage, and sit back down again. Our whole performance lasted about 20 seconds. (We were the only group with background music. We are so cool like that.)
Everyone's performances were hilarious. (Seeing as Oedipus Rex is supposed to be a great tragedy, I guess that's not a good thing.) One of the boys, Jimmy, played Jocasta, so he had stuffed his shirt so he could have a bosom for the role. It was sooo bad! You see, he kept trying to speak in a high-pitched voice, but his vocals would crack and he would have to speak in his normal voice, so he kept switching back and forth. And his bosom (which had started out with one boob on his shoulder and one boob where it would normally be) kept sagging, so that by then end of the performance he looked pregnant instead of womanly. o.O Of course, he was really into his role, and totally hamming it up. I was laughing so hard I was crying.
Of course, you can't have Oedipus Rex without the scene in which our hero (?) stabs out his eyes. Heidi very artisically arranged this so that Spaay and Mike Turner (and Jimmy again, sans his breasts) could act out the gruesome scene behind a sheet, as if they were shadow puppets. But the sheet kept falling down, and you could hear the guys screeching (Spaay) and gasping for air (Turner, who was supposed to be hanged, really managed to do that to choke himself) and generally cracking the rest of the class up.
And just think, in a few weeks this class'll be tackling Hamlet. I better bring the tissues, man.