November 6th, 2001


#31 - Gotta work some intrigue into my life...

Theme #31: "Do you have a deep dark secret that you would never tell anybody? Would you tell your diary? Why or why not?".
What a redundant question. X_x
I don't think I have any deep dark scary secrets. I don't have any secret passions or any major lusts. I don't do anything illegal, and I have no desire to conceal much from my parents. (In fact, my mom thinks I supply too much information and has asked me, several times, to not tell her about my day.)
There are things that I tell people without telling them anything - does that count? Like my zine...I tell people I have one, but I don't let my friends - the ones that I have to see every day - read it, because I backbite about several people at school and I don't think it should become widespread writing. My parents aren't supposed to know that I have an eBay account, but I'm sure they do. They aren't that stupid.
Anyway, if I did have a deep dark scary midnight pitch black boo! secret, I can't tell this diary because the people that read this are probably the same individuals who entrusted the secret to me in the first place. And for whatever reason, I don't generate my own secrets.

Secret, secret...tell me a secret...