November 19th, 2001


Shake me break me just don't wake me

I was sleeping. It was pleasant. The blanket was pulled over my head so that no one could disturb my slumbering peace. Happily I snoozed in my own little world of dreams and fantasy, from which all others are barred forever. I was alone in my cave, where no one could enter.
Until, darn it all, someone did. Just as Liberace and Takeshi Kaga were having cat fight over who dressed better, a giant earthquake struck and they were both hurled into a hurricane as someone persistently shook me awake. “Sam, Sam, wake up, wake up!”
“I dun’ wanna.” I was holding one of my pillows over my head and my blanket over the pillow. I wanted to sleep.
But this annoying stupid person had other ideas, and so they started whacking me with one of my stuffed bears while singing, “It’s TIME to get up it’s TIME to get up it’s TIME to get up THIS MORNING!” By this time I’ve both identified the voice and fallen off my mattress.
“Davy, who the hell let you into my room at-“ I glance at the clock, “TWO A.M.???”
“Shhhhh, don’t shout, your brother’s still asleep.” He grabs me by the arm and starts dragging me down the stairs, even though I’ve still got my pillow in tow. “Your dad sent me to wake you up since you’re being such a bum and missing the meteor shower. Here’s your jacket, get in the car.”
**Blink, blink.** On yeah. That. “I’m being kidnapped at two in the morning in my Superman pajamas by a freak who should be in SAN FRANCISCO. Screw you.” Actually, since it was two in the morning I was using slightly stronger language. **Blink, blink.** “Hey, why aren’t you in San Francisco?”
“I came down here yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with my mom, since I’m going up to Oregon during Thanksgiving.”
“You celebrate Thanksgiving?” Remember, on days that end in ‘y’ he’s English, even though he abandoned the accent at some point.
“Technically.” Driving up into the hills, doo da, doo da. Wishing I was home in bed, doo da, doo da. Getting out of the car, doo da, doo da. Wave to Daddy with his funny light contraption on his head, doo da, doo da. Looking up at the sky, doo da, doo- oooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Sugoi. Pretty shooting stars.
If you didn’t see the meteor shower on Sunday morning – it was awesome. You couldn’t look up without seeing a light streaking across the sky. Lots of pretty twinkling lights, and constellations, and satellites and airplanes (it must’ve been so fun to fly through that...oh, I would so do that if I ever got the chance.) all nailed up against a blackety-blue velvet sky. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii. We stayed for about an hour, and then Dad took me home because I kept knocking over the rock I was leaning against.
When I got home I jumped back into bed, planning to never emerge again. Unfortunately for Liberace and Kaga, a small 3.3 earthquake shook me out of bed and onto the floor.
Nature loved me on Sunday.