December 18th, 2001


Outside it is cold; I am cold; and I have a cold

"Sam, what did you do today?"
"I coughed on people, sneezed all over the place, and tried to sleep on Berg's shoulder. Most important of all, I helped combat this cold by spreading germs to others and eating chocolate mochi."
Yes, folks; Sam has managed to catch a cold. X_x I'm coughing every ten seconds or so, and sneezing and wheezing and did I mention freezing? I keep hoping I'll be feverish so that I'll be able to stay home in my nice warm bed, but no dice so far. I've had to go to school instead.

I meant to finish the first chapter of "Our Puppet Dance" today, but Tokihanate came over and we watched Fushigi Yuugi instead. I guess that isn't so bad; Puppet Dance is based off of FY, after all. ^^;; Which in itself is funny, because Toki's working on her own FY story, which can be read in her diary.

Anyway, funny story time. Today is a 'B' day, which means I got out of school at eleven thirty. So Butler, Toki, Nicole, and I went around in Butler's mother's mini-van to several grocery stores in a search for chocolate mochi. We must've spent at least an hour looking for it before finally locating some at the Trader Joe's in the Pruneyard. (Oh, the joys of being obsessed, ne?) Toki purchased three boxes (plus funky cheese) and we ate two of them, one in the car and one while watching Fushigi Yuugi. Not that it's addictive or anything...^_~

Well, I'm off to try and induce a fever so I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Ja!