December 24th, 2001


The Scale of Stimulating Entertainment

I've been in Southern California the past few days; first in Laguna Hills and then in San Diego. It's not all that fun, since I don't much care for my grandmother now that her brain's gone and addled. Since she's basically an invalid my grandfather has to take care of her 24/7, so he doesn't have the energy to do anything fun, either. So trips to their house are basically scheduled like this:
Arrival: Eight to nine AM
Nine-Noon: Sit and watch the "Arts" channel on the TV, since anything else confuses Grandma, or surf the 'Net
Noon: Lunch
One-Four: Sit quietly while the adults sleep
Four-Six: Watch the "Arts" or use the computer
Six: Dinner
Seven to nine: Watch the "Arts" channel until Grandma wants to go to sleep or gets so confused that she doesn't recognize anyone
So this would not be a ten on the scale of Stimulating Entertainment or the Richter Scale of Fun.

Now I'm in San Diego, visiting my mom's friend Susan and perusing her library. See, Susan is in charge of selecting books for UCSD's library, specifically the art history department. (Can you get any more specialized than that?) It's a fun job, although she doesn't like most of her coworkers or her boss. Whatever. I just like being able to check out all the books she has piled around her house.
She also has about three hundred channels on her TV, so I got to be the Queen of Channelsurfing too. I watched a raw episode of Dragonball Z, an awful episode of Sailor Victory, an Iron Chef Tofu Battle, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the TV series, and Rush Hour. It was an awesome Asian night, don't you think?
Well, I'm going to play with Painter now. Baibai!